Almont North Dakota

1906     Centennial     2006

Program Comments by Roger Becklund                     READ
The Kilen Family--Where I Fit In---by Mark Esser.     READ
The Trygve Olson Family by  Betty (Olson) Waters.   READ
History of the William and Anna Nyquist Family         READ
'1950--My Story of the Flood' by Francis Nelson         READ
Bob Feland interview by Scott Nelson 2005               READ
English papers by Senior Class of 1955                     READ
Unfinished History of Almont by Ed Bond                   READ
Things That Kept Warren Becklund Busy In Almont.   READ
Almont and Jack Dempsey! by Roger Becklund          READ
A Kaleidoscope of Events by John Burton Nelson        READ
News Items from the Carson Press about 1908          READ