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Church and Music

     Church and music have always been a significant part of Life in Almont. The first church service was held on August 12, 1906, only 5 1/2 weeks after the town was surveyed. It is also noted that a band concert was also held that day. Both of those traditions have been at the center of life in the community for these 100 years.

     The following information is obtained primarily from the Almont History Book written for the 75th Anniversary in 1981.

Almont United Lutheran Church.

In the early years Lutherans worshiped with other Christians in the community and frequently traveled to Sims to the long established church there. In December 1915 the first organizational meeting was held. In 1916 Rev. Earl Dordal was called to serve the congregation. He was serving the Sims congregation at that time and they agreed to share him. This began a long relationship of sharing pastors which continues to this day. In 1917 they bought the old school which remained its church building until 1955 when a new church was built.

The activities here included Sunday Schools, Confirmation Classes, Lutheran Church Women, Church Choirs, Luther League and the Lutheran Mission Circle. Membership in the Sunday School sometimes exceeded 75. Because of its large size social events always included a welcome for the other churches members to attend. The church choir was sometimes joined my members of the other congregations for special concerts.

St. Leopolds Catholic Church

In the early years most Catholics in the community lived southwest of town and the nearest church was St. Joseph's 13 miles away. They soon began gathering for services in homes in Almont bringing in Father Vincent Wigit from St. Joseph's to conduct Mass. The local parishioners provided his transportation requiring considerable sacrifice on their part. They then met in the city hall and finally in the newly competed school. Construction of a new church building was started in 1936. The interior was finished in about 1948.

Most furnishings have been donated over the years in memory of loved one's by both members and non-members. Several 'first's' are interesting. First child baptized was Ethel Stoeckel on May 13, 1917, First Holy Communion was in the spring of 1918 and first wedding in the church building was Regina Timpe and Clarence Nilles on June 7th 1937.

As with the other churches, its members were very active in the community and had a significant impact on the moral standards within the community.

Almont Wesleyan Methodist Church

History of the Almont Wesleyan church.    (Submitted for the web site by Eunice Klingensmith Evans.)

Compiled by Rev. Ron Groninger for

Diamond Jubilee Edition, June 5-6, 1999

     This history, originally by Thelma Klingensmith, was revised by Mrs. Ingeborg Trovik for the Almont Diamond Jubilee Celebration. It was again revised and supplemented for the Diamond Jubilee of the Almont Wesleyan Church by Rev. Ronald Groninger.
     The Wesleyan Methodist Church was organized in May, 1924 by Rev. J. F. Simpson, President of Dakota Conference, with six charter members: Mrs. E. W. Hyde, Thelma Hyde, Wallace Hyde, Lauren Hyde, Edith bird, and Stanley Lucas. Mrs. E. E. Templeton and Mrs. Anna Nyquist became members in May, 1930, several more joining later that summer.
     Early on it was seen to be necessary that the community have a Bible preaching church that emphasized the scriptural message of personal holiness, and fullness of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by a holy lifestyle, fully dedicated to the service of God. This vision led to the founding of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Mrs. E. W. Hyde was particularly influential in contacting the Wesleyan Methodist to take charge of the Almont holiness work.
     Church services were important to the early settlers. Practically from the founding of Almont church services were held in various locations. One of the colorful early preachers who worked in the early revival meetings was called Rattlesnake Dick, otherwise known as Dick Wilson. He also worked in the Watford City area. The Wesleyan Methodist church was in the process of expanding into North Dakota in the 1920’s through visionary leadership. churches were founded in Watford City and John son      Corners as well as in Almont in these early days. Rev Simpson was important in much of this extension work.
The church was served for a few years by itinerate pastors, Rev. A,N, Wiley of Jamestown, ND serving most of the time until June 1928. Revival meetings were conducted during these years by Rev. Wiley, A. J. Tiffand and L. D. Harris as well as Dick Wilson. These services were held in the old hall on Main Street or in the school. As the work grew a resident pastor were secured, Rev. L. D. Harris being appointed in June, 1928. Through his leadership and labor a house of worship was begun that fall. Rev. Harris built a number of churches in Dakota District as well as the Almont Church, including churches in Watford City and Ipswich, SD (1935). Following his retirement he helped build churches in the Philippines, Haiti and Jamaica. In June 1962 he was presented with the Citation of Merit by the Dakota District in appreciation of fifty years of devoted service. He went to his eternal reward in September, 1978, at 94 years of age.

From Ralph Helle, formerly of Johnson Corners, now at Mitchell.
I was converted in 1935 at Lillibridge Grove near Johnson Corners in a tent meeting. The alter was hay bales with an Indian blanket over them, hay covered the floor, not sawdust. The evangelist was S. J. McIntire, Thomas Bailey being pastor. Rev. Harris was pastoring at Watford City at that time. I remember Rattlesnake Dick, whose real name was R. A. Wilson. He did evangelism in the area from 1922-1928. Rattlesnake Dick was a fiery Presbyterian preacher. He rode the country on a bicycle, and married many bachelor ranchers to their housekeepers. He worked with the Sunday School Union. I recall attending a youth convention in Almont in July of 1935. Many from the Johnson Corners and Watford City area attended. I remember Sam Gilles, who was famous for his constant reading of the dictionary, and Ingeborg Trovik. The 1936 youth convention was in Forsythe, MT. Before 1928 Rev. Wylie worked in evangelism in the Almont Area. He was a part of the Jamestown Holiness Association, which sponsors the Beulah Camp. He worked in Bible Schools at Almont and Johnson Corners.

From Violet Miller:
Before the church building was built Rev. Harris held meetings in many locations, including the Feland school, located about 7 miles SSE of Almont.
     There was much debate over the decision to build a church, with opinions going back and forth. The congregation was organized in 1924, but people just didn't ‘t have anything, and did not know how they would be able to build. Rev. Harris thought we needed to build, and carried the day, the church ground breaking was held in the fall of 1929. Most of the building was done by Rev. Harris himself, and although others would come to help as they could. Clarence Olin was one who came and gave days as he was able, as did others of the church. the church building was completed in 1930 and dedicated on November 21, 1932. Rev Rufus Reisdorph, president of Dakota Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church delivered the dedicatory address to a large audience. 1928 and 1929 was good years for building in the Almont Community as a gymnasium and stage addition built on the Almont Public School had recently been completed.
     In order to help finance the building, I remember my folks, the Alfred Olin's would bring in cream and butter, while others brought chickens, eggs, or other farm produce to Mrs. Hyde, who was the church treasurer. Mrs. Hyde would sell the produce and give the donor a receipt for donation to the church.

Mr. Richard Bond:
Rev. Harris was the only preacher I know who could preach for an hour without notes. He would step up to the pulpit, fold his arms, and just begin to preach. Rev. Harris was a layman/farmer who was called to the ministry after farming for some years. I remember when he was pastor here the Peterson family that lived near us, about 6 miles south east of town, had some excitement. Although Mr., Peterson rode a beautiful white horse, the family was rather poor. They would walk to town to go to church at times. One time when they had gone to church one of the Peterson girls fell off the church steps and broke her arm near the wrist. Since medical card and finances were both scarce the bone was never set and knit very crooked. After a prayer meeting at the church, and prayer for her by the rest of her family, she awoke one night and with the most excruciating pain in her arm. By the next morning the arm was healed and straight. The Lord had healed here in answer to prayer. I would not have believed this, but I seen (sic) it with my own eyes. I also have a newspaper article about the healing that was published a number of area newspapers.
     The influence of The Almont Wesleyan Church has been widespread. A tradition of prayer and emphasis on missions has made it instrumental in establishing a sister church in Bismarck in the 1950’s as well as a work sponsored by the Dakota District in the Philippine Islands. A number of young people have become engaged in full time Christian service in the USA and in foreign missions. An interesting sidelight is that when the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Pilgrim Holiness Church merged in 1968 they did not know what to do with the Philippines district as it was the only district not sponsored by the general church! A couple of years later the Philippines district formerly joined the rest of the church.

Pastors at Almont Wesleyan
In 1923 Rev A.M. Wiley, an elder in the Dakota Conference, and director of the Jamestown Holiness Academy reported a group from Almont interested in organizing a church. Rev. Wiley served until 1928 when Rev. L. D. Harris was appointed.

Thomas Bailie 1934-41 As noted above Rev Bailie had also pastored in the Watford City area in Johnson Corners church. He worked closely with Rev Harris and Rev. Wylie. From Almont he went to Artesian, SD where he pastored for two years. Mrs. Bailie was also a pastor, and their sons Meridith and Royal were also ministers.

Marvin Jones. 1941 Rev Jones and his wife LaVerne pastored 3 months at Almont. His nickname was two wheel Jones, for he liked fast cars and drove them fast, his love being a big straight 8 Buick. He had flaming red hair. From Almont he pastored at Mitchell, then in 1950 began the Brookings church. La Verne was very active in leadership of the ladies ministries.

George Gore, 1941-42. Pastor Gore was an outspoken and emotional preacher.

In 1942-45 A.M. Wiley returned to Almont to Pastor the church.

T. S. Lee, 1945-49

A. J. House, 1949-50 Everyone liked this pastor who enjoyed and worked hard establishing the Heart River Gospel Association Grove meetings. He married Evelyn Keller, an Almont girl who was saved on Nov 17 sometime in the 1930’s at a revival meeting with Pastor Calhoun.

R. V. Sollie, 1950-55 Reverent and Mrs. Sollie was known as very devout people, and as good neighbors.

Robert McCoy, 1955-57

Lester Myers, 1957-64. Rev Myers worked in the local lumber yard as well as pastoring the church. After leafing Almont he pastored at Avon, where he died an untimely death from a heart attack. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints!

The first wedding was held on September 11, 1930 when Mr. and Mrs E. W. Hyde's daughter was married.

AHS Band


Almont was fortunate to have many outstanding musicians. The musical talent knew no nationality or religious boundaries. Most all families had at least one or two outstanding musicians and many times even more. Music, probably more than any other single thing, made Almont such cohesive and cooperative community. The music included the schools, churches, dances and small groups getting together in homes for an evening of entertainment. In the early days with no television and limited radio, music played an important role in most families daily life. Today one of the most exciting parts of the Labor Day Celebration is the musical programs they have. Most every event they have throughout the year is centered around music.

High School Orchestra 1937

Hyde Wedding

Below are excerpts from The New Salem Journal from 1906 to 1940 related to the church and musical life of the community. This is only a sampling but gives insight into what life was like on the prairie in the early 1900's.

Nov 24, 1916
Saturday evening, Nov. 25th, the Almont Ladies Aid will hold their annual sale, supper, and program in the Merchants Hotel. Dinner will also be served, and articles will be on sale throughout the day. The evening sale commences after the program which will begin at 7:30 PM sharp, and be rendered in the following manner:
     Opening Rev. L. K. Dordahl. Come unto Me, Choir. Recitation, Lester Eatough. Sing Me to Sleep, Mrs. O. C. Ellingson. Mirthful Moments, Engelmann. Piano duet, Mrs. H. Gundvoldsen and Miss Beatrice Williams. Monologue, Verna Bird. Happy Days, vocal solo, Mrs H. Gundvoldsen. The Haven of Thy Breast, , Choir. Everybody Welcome.

Oct 24, 1924
The Almont Young People’s Society held their organization meeting Wednesday evening. Quite a large number were in attendance. A short program was rendered after which the regular business meeting followed. There were thirty-four that signed up as charter members and the following officers were elected for a term of six months: E. Kruger, President; Randeen Hoovestol, vice president; Lucille Templeton, Secretary; and Beatrice Kirkmeier, Treasurer. The constitution, which was drafted by Miss Bessie Williams, E. Druger and A Holritz was adopted in its entirety. The devotional part of the program was in charge of Rev. Thornell. After the business meeting refreshments were served. Their next meeting will be held Wednesday evening, Nov 5th and from then on their meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month. A great future is predicted for this society, and it is hoped it will have the loyal support of the entire community. It is the aim of the society to furnish good clean entertainment for the young folks, as well as to endeavor to create a desire among its members and others to do something in and for the church; to be an influence for good in the community and with their programs, which will consist of songs, music, recitations, readings and declamations, to arouse an interest among those who attended their meetings, in things that are of far greater importance that the material ones, namely their soul and its salvation.

Apr 17, 1925
The Almont choir of twenty-one voices gave their Easter Cantata in the Lutheran church at Almont Easter Sunday evening. Besides the entire population of the town, a large number of people from New Salem, Sims and surrounding country attended and the church was far from large enough to accommodate the throng, part of which were forced to remain outside to listen as best they could. The Cantata was a long one, covering sixty-four pages, and required about one hour and twenty minutes for the rendition. The undertaking was a big one, and from the beginning it looked almost like an impossibility. But as time went on, and by the indefatigable work of the instructor, Mrs N. E. Becklund and pianist Mrs. C. R. Hill as well as by hard work of each individual member.  It was made possible to render it in a fairly good manner, as viewed by the choir, tho others have ventured the expression that it was the “best ever put over in Almont”. The choir was greatly encouraged by the large throng that attended their program. It proved to them that their efforts were appreciated and may inspire them to still greater achievements in the future. During a short intermission of the Cantata Rev. Thornell delivered a short Easter sermon.

Apr 17 1925
The Easter cantata given by the Almont choir under the supervision of Mrs. N. E. Becklund and given at Sims Lutheran church April 10th was a decided success. The chorus work and also solos were exceptionally well rendered and displayed rare talent that would have done credit to any locality. A large audience attended and listened appreciatively. Sims friends are very grateful for this rare treat.

Several people from Almont attended our Young People’s meeting at Sims Tuesday evening. Among them were Mr. and Mrs A. Holritz, Mr. and Mrs Carl Hill, Mrs. N. E. Becklund, Mrs Geo. Ims, Miss A. Nelson, Mr and Mrs Joseph Olson, Mr. and Mrs Martin Olson, Arthur Ims and Fred Holritz.

June 5 1925

Almont News:   The Almont Young People’s Society held their meeting in the Almont Hall last Monday evening. the reason for not having it in the church as usual was on account of lack of stage room for an operetta put on by the Curlew school under the direction of Mr. and Mrs E. Kling. The individual and collective performances were rendered in faultless style, and much credit is due Mr. and Mrs Kling for their untiring efforts in bringing this play to a successful culmination. Besides the operetta, the following numbers were rendered, two vocal solos by Mrs. Hirsch, a vocal solo by Mrs I. C. Nelson and a quartette by Mrs. C. T. Bergstrom, Miss Ruth Williams and Messrs. E. Willman and C. R. Hill.

Jul 18, 1925
Almont News
Tuesday evening, July 21st, a lawn social will be held at the Rev. Thornell home. Ice cream and cake will be served throughout the evening. At nine o’clock the following program will be rendered: Musical Selections ---- Peterson Orchestra; Song --- Church Choir; Piano duet --- Mrs. Hill and Ruth Williams; Trio --- “Red Skies Above a Wigwam” --- Mrs Thornell, Mrs. Bergstrom and Mr. Hill; Recitation --- “Dear Little Goose” Madeline Templeton; Solo --- “One Fleeting Hour” --- Mr. E. Kling; Violin Solo --- “Norwegian Cradle Song” --- M. Joe Lee; Duet --- “Oh, That We Two Were Moving” --- Mrs. Becklund and Ruth Williams; Male Quartette --- Selected --- Messrs. Halvorson, Hill, E. and A. Willman; Reading --- “Home” --- Al. Kling; Duet --- Selected --- Mrs. Templeton and Mrs. Nelson; Song --- Church Choir; Musical selections --- Hill's Orchestra. Proceeds go to the Young People’s Society of the Lutheran Church.

May 14, 1926
Almont News
The Almont Choir will broadcast a program over Radio Station AWN, and Nordholm Station, Mandan on a 270 meter wave length on Friday evening, May 21, at 7:30 P.M. Better tune in and hear what they have to offer.

May 28, 1926
The Almont Choir went to Mandan last Friday evening and broadcast a sacred program over the Nordholm Radio station under the auspices of the Daily Pioneer. They have received so much favorable comment since that time that it is expected they will broadcast another program in the near future.

Sep 3, 1926
Almont News
The Cantata “Ruth” will be given in the Almont church next Sunday evening, Sept. 5th by the Almont Ladies chorus under the leadership of Mrs. Becklund. A lot of hard work has been put in on this number and we feel sure you will enjoy it immensely. No admission will be charged but a free will offering will be taken up to help defray the cost of the music. Lets all turn out and show these ladies that their work is appreciated.

Dec 31, 1926
Almont News
At the regular annual business meeting (Lutheran church) the following officers were elected to serve for the ensuing year. Secretary Treasurer C. A. Knutson; Trustees, Otto A. Feland and Jonathan Pederson; Organist, Mrs C. R. Hill; Choir Director, Mrs. N. E. Becklund; Janitor, George Ims.

The Lutheran Sunday School and Bible class gave their Christmas program in the church Monday evening of this week. The program was very good, and much credit is due the Sunday School teachers and others who had charge of the program. The Almont choir also rendered four or five selections. The church had been beautifully and artistically decorated for the occasion and a Christmas tree in the center of the stage, decorated in a most pleasing manner, completed the beautiful scenery. The attendance was unusually large, and there was not even standing room for all in the church.

The Almont choir will meet every Friday evening at 7:00 o'clock sharp for practice. They expect to put on a concert some time during the fore part of March and so all members are urged to be present. The choir also expects to put on an Easter cantata, so there is a lot of work ahead for them and the director Mrs. N. E. Becklund.

Feb 25, 1927
Almont News.
The Almont Choir will broadcast a program over radio station KFYR at Bismarck some time in March. The exact date is not known at this time. The choir is practicing twice a week preparing for the occasion.

Mar 18, 1927
Almont News
The Almont choir will give a concert in the hall Sunday, March 27, at 8 P.M. No admission will be charged but a collection will be taken, which will go towards the general church fund. An inspiring program will be rendered consisting of both sacred and secular numbers. All are welcome.

Apr 1, 1927
Almont News
The Almont Choir will broadcast a program over radio station KFYR at Bismarck Sunday, April 3rd commencing at twelve o’clock noon Almont time. Rev. J. Thornell will deliver a short sermon. Rev. and Mrs. Thornell will also render a few selections on their Hawaiian guitars. The program will last about an hour and a half or two hours and we feel sure you will enjoy every minute of it.

Almont had two quartets at the Auto Show at Mandan last Saturday evening competing in the prize contest. The ladies quartette was composed of Mrs. N. E. Becklund, Director of the Almont choir, Mrs. J. Thornell, Mrs. L. C. Nelson and Mrs. A. H. Bergstrom. The male quartette was composed of the following: C. R. Hill, D. G. Smith, Erling Willman, C. Halvorson and George Ims, Mr. Ims and Mr. Willman alternating in the different selections entered.

The concert given by the choir of the Almont Lutheran Church last Sunday evening was attended by one of the largest crowds ever gathered here for an occasion of this kind. The program was divided into two parts. The first part was of a secular nature and the second part consisted of sacred selections. It consisted of solos, duets, quartets and choir selections as well as readings and recitations and musical selections on the cornet and violin. Mr. H. Reynard of New Salem assisted materially on the program and his numbers were much appreciated.

From all reports received by us, the program broadcasted Sunday afternoon from station KFYR at Bismarck, by the Almont Lutheran Church choir came in very good. The Bismarck station comes in very clear now since it was made stronger a short time ago and everything sent out over there reaches us clear and makes reception very satisfactory.
The program Sunday given by the Almont people was splendid in every respect. It lasted for perhaps an hour and a half and was composed of choir members, a short sermon by Rev J. Thornell, readings, solos, quartets and several numbers in Norwegian by Mrs. J. Thornell. Rev. and Mrs Thornell also played their Hawaiian guitars. We think it quite remarkable that a town the size of Almont should have such talent and probably more noteworthy that it is able to maintain an organization of this many members from year to year and continue to bring it to a higher standard of efficiency as time goes on. The choir is under the direction of Mrs. N. E. Becklund who has done very fine work as leader of this musical organization. their program was much appreciated and they received many telegrams from their home town and other towns on the slope.
There was one number on the program Sunday which New Salem wishes to put claim to and that was the vocal solo by Harry Reynard, one of our high school teachers who accompanied the Almont aggregation to Bismarck Sunday and took part in their program. We always enjoy Mr. Reynard’s singing and wished that there might have been more of it.
Almont News
The Almont Choir accompanied by Rev. J., Thornell, drove to Bismarck last Sunday morning and put on a two hour program over radio station KFYR. The first hour was de voted to sacred selections and the second hour to secular numbers. Many telephone calls and telegrams were received during the progress of broadcasting indicating that the program was going over the air in good shape and that it was appreciated. What encouraged the choir the most was that so many telegrams were received from the home folks.

Apr 22, 1927
Almont News
The Almont Choir did not go to Carson last Friday as was intended on account of the rain but they intend making this trip in the near future.

June 10, 1927
Almont News
The Almont Choir went to Leith last Sunday evening to give their concert which had been twice postponed on account of rain. Some rain fell here Sunday afternoon, but it cleared off about 4 P.M. and the aggregation started out in high spirits little knowing what would befall them before reaching their distinction. When they got out about 15 miles evidences of a heavier rain began making themselves manifest. Two or three miles further on the road became a veritable lake and this condition continued the rest of the way. At Carson all the cars turned in to a service station to have their chains put on. This the manager did very courteously without even making a charge for same and he certainly has the good will of the whole bunch, and if they can turn any business his way they will surely do so. So much for that. After a short stay in Carson waiting for the fourth car carrying members of the choir, they proceeded to Leith and it was certainly lucky that the chains were put on, for if worse roads were possible, than those between the Heart River and Carson, the road between Carson and Leith was the one. Well, grim determination won out and we arrived at Leith about 7:30 P.M. or about thirty minutes before the concert was scheduled. Under the conditions no one at Leith expected us to come, and if any one ever got busy the people of Leith did then. The telephone wires were out for about thirty minutes, and about an hour after our arrival there their large hall was filled. We gave our concert to a very attentive and appreciative audience, and at its close, Mr. Simon Pederson, in a few very appropriate words and on behalf of the people of Leith thanked us for coming, and praised our courage for braving the mud and gumbo. We were then invited to a restaurant where a very dainty lunch had been prepared for our special benefit. During the course of the meal Mr. Simon Pederson proposed a toast and called on several Almont and Leith people to respond, which they did quite freely. When the meal was over it was about 11:30 o’clock and we started for home, it was bad enough going down but it was many times worse coming home. Besides the mud, which was now more sticky having dried a trifle. We had to contend with a fog so dense that at times it was utterly impossible to see the road and we had to stop or almost stop to determine whether we were in the road of headed for the ditch. Fortunately all the cars came thru without an accident and we arrived home at 2:20 in the morning. The drivers, of course were tired from the intense nerve strain but otherwise are in as fine spirits as when they left. Our choir is very grateful to the Leith people for the royal manner in which they were entertained while at Leith and have reasons to believe that the people of Leith are glad that we came.

Nov 25, 1927
Almont News
Rev. J. Thornell accompanied by the Almont Ladies quartette consisting of Mrs. J. Thornell, Mrs N. E., Becklund, Mrs L. C. Nelson and Mrs A., H. Bergstrom went to Leith last Friday evening where they gave a concert. Rev Thornell delivered a lecture on “Troubles”. The rest of the program consisted of musical selections on Hawaiian steel guitars by Rev. and Mrs J. Thornell. Ladies quartets, solos, duets and readings besides violin solos by L. Wang. They had a good crowd in spite of the threatening weather and were tendered a banquet after the concert. The people of Leith are very hospitable and the bunch from Almont were royally entertained. Mr. Atkinson was kind enough to donate the use of his car, and for good measure went along himself to drive it.

April 27, 1928
Almont News
The Almont Lutheran Sunday School has started on a new year of work. Officers elected to serve are; Supt., Mrs J. Pederson: Asst. Supt., Mrs. N. E. Becklund, Secretary and Treasurer, C. A., Knutson: Organist, Miss Olga Halvorson. The officers and teachers feel that the past year of work has been successful, but all are resolved to make the coming year a greater success. Who can feel satisfied with work done?  Surely not a Sunday school teacher. Higher and Better should be our slogan, for who can reach perfection in earthly work.

Dec 12 1930
At the annual church business meeting the following committees for the Christmas festival were appointed. Program committee: Leon Jacobson, assisted by Mrs Palmer Feland. Finance and Decoration: Axel Hoovestal of Almont, Sivert Olson of Curlew, Alf Feland, Simon Johnson, Anna Bakken and Victoria Feland of Sims.

July 31, 1931
Sims News
A young peoples Luther League was organized Thursday evening of last week. The officers were elected as follows: President Emanuel Bakken, Vice President Gerald Olin, Secretary Treasure Nellie Gray, and entertainment committee, Erling Willman, Palmer Feland and Clarence Jacobson, Reference Committee Mrs Oscar Olin and Mrs J. Jacobson. Their next meeting will be held in August.

April 1, 1932
Sims News
A large crowd gathered at the church services Sunday morning. They also had special music by the male quartet which is composed of Erling and Andrew Willman of Almont, Clarence and Leon Jacobson of Sims.

Sept 30, 1932
Sims News
A program worthy of much applause was given at the last Luther League meeting Sunday evening. An unusually good sized crowd from Almont and Curlew as well a Sims attended. The program consisted of the following numbers: vocal duet, Tobias Olson and the twin sisters of Curlew; Recitation, William Munson of Curlew; Vocal solo, William Jacobson; Accompanist (Piano) Mrs P. Feland; vocal duet ( a ukalalia accompanist) Eileen Becklund and Eleanor Peterson of Almont; report of Y. P. Luther League convention at Beach, Molly Olson of Curlew; vocal solo, Leon Jacobson; Bible study conducted by Rev Nelson, closing hymn and benediction. Lunch was served by Mesdames Carl Nelson, Martin Wilman, and Tomipe Jacobson.

October 14, 1932
The Annual Sale and Supper sponsored by the Almont Ladies Aid was held Friday evening Oct 7. It was well attended considering the rainy weather and the condition of the roads. The following program was rendered immediately before the sale; violin duet, Myron Knudson and Sigurd Peterson and vocal solos by Leon Jacobson, both accompanied by Mrs Becklund at the piano. Male quartet numbers, Christ Halvorson, Sigurd Peterson, Leon Jacobson and Myron Knudson. Vocal solos, Pete Peterson with Mrs C. G. Nelson at the piano. Piano duet, Dagmar and Ruth Pederson.

May 19, 1933
Baptism, confirmation and communion services were conducted by Rev C. Nelson at the Almont Lutheran Church last Sunday. Mrs C. Wiebke and little granddaughter Betty Jean Ann, were baptized, seven were confirmed. They were Emma Johnson, Anna Olson, Evelyn Ringham, Vernon Knutson, Mrs Charlie Wiebke, Mrs. C. Butler and Mrs N.E. Becklund. The church was filled to capacity and the day will be long remembered.

Jun 22, 1934
A bible camp is being held in the Badlands. Rev C. G. Nelson, Gordon Templeton, Eileen Becklund, Lillian Olson and Eleanor Pederson left Monday for the camp.

Dec 14, 1934
Almont News
Thursday evening Dec 6, Miss Johnson's Almont pupils spent an enjoyable evening at the Kelsven home. Following the music program the Naomi Harris supervised the playing of musical games after which lunch was served. Next Thursday Dec 13 the pupils will give their Christmas program for the Mothers at the Hyde home. The following will take part in the singing and playing: Naomi, John and James Harris, Phyllis and Duane Hyde, Marion, Beverly and Kathleen Kelsven, Berethe and Clifford Bergstrom, Carl Knutson, Gordon Templeton and Mildred Bahr.

Apr 30, 1935
English church services were conducted at the Almont Lutheran Church Sunday forenoon. Special music was furnished by E. O. Willman and C. W. Jacobson in a vocal duet with piano accompaniment by Mrs P. Feland. An offering to the National Budget was taken.

Jun 14 1935
Almont News
A number of young people from the Lutheran Church are attending a Bible camp in the Badlands this week. Those going from here are Caroline Frey, Eileen Becklund, Gudren Kilen, Ella Smordahl and Adeline Olson.

June 21, 1935
Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Nelson and daughter, Mrs N.E. Becklund and son Warren, Mrs Charles Wiebke and daughter Anna, Gordon Templeton and Clifford Giese left Monday for the Badlands Bible camp where they will spend the week.

Aug 30, 1935
Luther League held their convention at Mandan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The delegates from her were Lillian, Eleanor and Mildred Pederson, Carol Knutson, Gudren Kilen, Ella Smordahl and Evangline Olson.

The topic studied at the convention was ‘Crusading with Christ’ which was presented by Howard Knutson. A choir number and duet were sung by some young people from here. Mrs. N.E. Becklund and several of the young people from here attended on Friday and Saturday.

Rev. C. D. Nelson, local pastor was elected district chairman.

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