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Almont Public School

The Almont Schools played an important role in the community which has always placed a premium on education. Graduates include at least 3 attorneys, several PhD's in such areas as education, politics and chemistry, 3 physicians, many masters degrees, even more bachelors degrees and probably most important of all many teachers, who trained at the 'Normal Schools' in North Dakota. They carried on the strong values of education so deeply ingrained and valued in the community.   The High School was started in 1918 and graduated its first class in 1920. It attracted students from several 'one room schools' that educated students through 8th grade. An addition in 1928 added a gymnasium-auditorium and two classrooms. Two more classrooms were added in 1962 and a new gymnasium in 1965.  The community was always willing to pay higher school taxes which allowed the high school to remain open until the 1980's.   The grade school remains open today. Graduating class sizes varied from 2 to 17 over the years.

The following is a poem written by Lillian Pederson, class of '35 (Mrs. Roman Peterson) for the 1970 Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration still expresses the role of the school over the years.

It really isn’t important
When you went to Almont High
As we’re united now as common kin
Through 50 years have passed by.

Our school has grown since those early days
But to some it will seem quite small!
And even though we’re behind in many ways
We can still stand very tall--

For as the replies came back day by day
It was really a revelation,
To see how well you all had done
In the line of an occupation.

From the registered nurse to the engineer
To the doctor, attorney, and teacher,
The secretary, accountant, and pilot too
Serviceman, beautician, and preacher.

There are missionaries spreading the word of God
Willing musicians with talent too
Policemen, mechanics, and farmers galore
All part of our Alumni crew.

Yes, in all fields and walks of life
We can boast of famous grads--
But let us also keep in mind
The scores of Mothers and Dads!

For in spite of unrest and inner struggle
Of drugs, hippies, and a generation gap;
There’s still no substitution for parents
To be found anyplace on the map!

If we formed a picture with efforts achieved
The result would be a lovely design.
For your contribution to this land of ours
Is a benefit to all mankind!



Before 1920

School on a bleak winter day before 1928. (Eileen & Warren Becklund, Lois Williams (Klopfleisch) and Beatrice Williams Becklund

This small school has turned out an inordinate number of academically successful graduates over the years. There have been PhD's, Lawyers, Physicians, Educators, Engineers and probably most important of all a number of just plain ordinary School Teachers. There is one graduate who stands far above the others in academic achievement. That is Leon Jacobson, M.D.   Leon was born and raised in Sims and attended the two room Sims School. He probably had learned everything there was to learn at that level by the time he reached third grade and the last five years spend filling in the gaps. He attended and graduated from Almont High School. He taught for 2 or 3 years in local rural schools and received his B. S. Degree from the North Dakota Agricultural College (now known as North Dakota State University). He then went to The University of Chicago Medical School, graduated in 1939 and remained there for his entire career. He was one of the first if not the first in the world to use chemicals to treat cancer. His specialty was Hematology and he used Nitrogen Mustard to treat Hodgkin's Disease in the early 1940's.  During World War II he was Director of Health for the Atom Bomb Project.  In the 1950's he discovered Erythropoietin, the hormone that controls the formation of red blood cells. This is the hormone that in recent years some Athletes have used for what is know as 'Blood Doping' to gain unfair advantage over their computers. He was Chairman of the Department of Medicine, Director of the Argone Research Hospitals, and in his later years the Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences at the University. In spite of holding these honorable positions plus many others throughout his career he most loved research and teaching. Each graduating class is allowed to pick several of their favorite teachers to appear on their class pictures that grace the halls of the University of Chicago Hospitals and 'Dr. Jacobson' or 'Jake' appears on most every picture for a period of 25 or 30 years.  Few, if any, other teachers have accomplished that. His academic success was established during his early years of education at Sims-Almont. He loved his roots and frequently returned to Sims-Almont to reestablish his values in life. He was proud of his family, friends and community and never forgot them. He spoke often of his roots to his colleagues in Chicago.   I remember the All-School Reunion at Almont in 1968 he spoke of his education.   He said the single most influential teacher in his life including those from all the great academic institutions he was associated with was Andy Willman who was his teacher for one or two years in Almont.  He said Andy introduced him to the thrill and challenges of learning that he never lost it.   In later years he received the Roughrider Award from the State of North Dakota (the states highest honor).  

To read a tribute to him written be one of his colleagues after his death in 1992 click HERE.   To read the tribute to him for the Rough Rider award click HERE.   To see some of the results of a Google Search for 'Leon O. Jacobson' click HERE

     Below are excerpts taken from the Almont News in the New Salem Journals over the years to 1940. The news is sporadic but gives an indication of the many opportunities for students and its importance in the community. There were many more references to the school which are not included.  Some Photos are added.

March 2, 1917 Sims
The Literary program given in the school house last Friday evening was a grand success. The main features of the program were a debate and a play. The play was entitled ;The Holy Terror’ and sure was. The players all represented darkies, and each of them rendered their part in faultless style. Following are the characters: Miss Lucille Olin as Mrs. Fireworks, Miss Elsie Gray as Moses, Randeen Hoovestol as Aaron and Erling Willman as Mrs. High Collar. The question of debate was: Resolved that Lincoln did more for this country than Washington. The affirmative speakers were Hildreth Ims and Arnold Jacobson and the negative speakers Axel Hoovestol and Clarence Jacobson. The judges of the debate were James Jacobson, Wm Johnson and Amandus Larson and their decision was two for the affirmative and one for the negative. Besides the play and debate there were several declamations. The reading of the School Journal also afforded considerable amusement. It was edited by Miss. Delia Jacobson and Mr. Palmer Feland and we can say without exaggeration that their journalistic proclivities have been developed to a marked degree. A. Holritz brot his phonograph over and used it as a space filler. At the close of this excellent program the Mesdames P.,R. Peterson and Nellie Olin capped the climax by serving coffee, cake and sandwiches. If this literary society forges ahead in the future as it has in the past it will soon come into the limelight.

June 4, 1926
At the School election last Tuesday, Mr. John Jacobson of Sims was reelected as director and Mr. N. E. Becklund of Almont reelected treasurer. There was no opposition to either candidate.

The commencement exercises were given in the Almont Hall last Thursday evening. A large crowd attended and all enjoyed the program. Dr. May of the Dickinson Normal delivered the address of the evening, and all agree that he is a fluent, interesting and able speaker, and we feel confident that if the graduates will take to heart, and take with them thru life the advise Mr. May gave them, it will help materially in overcoming the many obstacles that is certain to confront them as they journey along life’s highway. Following is the program in full: Invocation --- Rev J. Thornell, Salutatory --- Evelyn Bateman, Musical Trio --- Lois Williams, Frederick Holritz and Lauren Hyde, Class --- Georgia Stoeckel, Class Prophecy --- Gertie Olson, vocal Trio --- Evelyn Bateman, Johanna Halvorson and Anna Kalberer, Giftorian -- Ingeborg Nyquist, Class Poem --- Anna Kalberer, Commencement Address --- Dr. S. T. May, Vocal Solo --- Mrs L. C. Nelson, Valedictory --- Lauren Hyde, Presentation of Diplomas --- Mr C. A. Knutson, Benediction --- Rev. J. Thornell.

Dec 3, 1926
A Parent Teachers Association was organized here last Monday evening with an initial membership of thirty. Before the organization Mr. H. K. Jenson, County Superintendent of Schools, and Mrs Goldman, State and Federal Organizer gave a very interesting talk on the history, development and purpose of the organization. At the close of the talks, Mrs. Goldman called upon several of the teachers and the patrons of the Sims School District to voice their opinions as to whether an organization of this nature was favored. Every one called upon was of the opinion that an organization of this kind could do a lot of good in the way of bringing about a better understanding between the Parents and Teachers and that different problems that come up in the school work could be successfully handled through this organization. There is no doubt that the move is an excellent one and one that should be given the support and endorsement of the entire population of the Sims School District.  (A list of officers is given and it notes that Mr. Carl Hill and Mrs. N. E. Becklund were on the Social committee.)

Feb. 25, 1927
Almont News.
Our PTA seems to be gaining momentum by leaps and bounds. Each meeting seems to manifest more enthusiasm than the previous one, and the programs are of a high standard. We now have forty-six enthusiastic members and this number will be greatly increased in the near future. It seems to, and by right, should have, the support of the entire community. At our last meeting held Thursday evening Feb. 17, the following program was rendered: Singing of old time songs --- Audience, Round Table Talk “Proper recreation for children” --- Members, Paper “How may the taste for good music be cultivated in the homes and schools” --- P. R. Peterson, Talk “The part and phonograph plays in the homes and schools” --- Mrs. Carl Knudson, Talk “Community singing as a social force” --- Rev. J. Thornell, Vocal solo --- Mrs L. C. Nelson, Vocal Quartette. Selections --- Erling Willman. Clarence Jacobson, Barney Peterson and Palmer Feland, Musical Memory test --- All Members. Our next meeting will be held in the school house Thursday evening March 30th at eight o’clock. a good program has already been arranged and all patrons of Sims School District No. 8 are cordially invited to attend this meeting and to become members of the organization.

May 4, 1928
Almont News
Lillian Knutson, Lucille Anderson, Marjorie Nelson, Luella Wanstrom, Inga Clausen, Walter Bateman, Howard Knutson and Lois Williams all High School students and Mrs H. Peck music teacher in the Almont schools took part in the music contests at Bismarck, Tuesday.

Friday, May 4th the High School Dramatic Club which is under the direction of Mrs. C. Halvorson, efficient English teacher in our school, will present a farce comedy in three acts, “the Elopement of Ellen”, in the hall at 8:00 p.m. Characters in the play are as follows: Richard Ford, Donald Peterson; Mrs Richard Ford, Dorothy Templeton; Robert Ford, Leon Jacobson; Miss June Haverhill, Lillian Knutson; John Hume, Howard Hyde; Max Teneyke, Wm Weiss; Miss Dorothy March, Lois Williams. Music between acts will be furnished by the Peterson Orchestra. Admission, 15 and 35 cents.

September 7, 1928
Monday September 10th the Almont schools will open with Prof. L. G. Klopfleisch as Principal, Mrs. Christ Halvorson will continue as teacher in the High school. Miss Hilda Johnson of Curlew will teach the seventh and eighth grades, Mrs., G. H. Anderson and Miss Aalga Knudson the lower grades.

September 21, 1928
Almont High School Attendance and Faculty
Mr. L. G. Klopfleisch formerly, a Smith-Hughes instructor of the New Salem high school, is the principal in place or Mr. Chas. DeNoyer.

The new addition to our school is now well under way. It will consist of a gymnasium and additional classrooms. The gymnasium will be located on the lower floor. It will also be used as an assembly hall and will have a seating capacity of two hundred.

Plans are being made for the organization of a high school band. This would indeed be a splendid opportunity for those interested in music to learn to play a instrument with a degree of thoroughness. We hope this band will include at least fifteen enthusiastic members who are willing to do their part in making our high school band a glorious success. Mr. Klopfleisch is a very competent band leader and through his skill and efforts with the cooperation of the students, we hope our band will rise to the distinction of being one of the best bands in our locality.

The election of class officers: Lois Williams was elected secretary and treasurer of the senior class and Prof Klopfleisch their advisor.

Sept 1928Almont Consolidated Schools Activities:
Friday afternoon, Sept. the 21st the seniors and juniors gave a program during assembly period. The program was a follows:
School yell by Seniors and Juniors.
Piano Solo by Lois Williams.
Reading by Mabel Feland.
The School Ford, a farce, boasting for our school, by seniors and juniors.
School yell by Seniors and Juniors.
Next Friday the sophomore class will present their program.
Smith-Hughes agriculture has been introduced in our school and rather popular with the boys, as 18 have enrolled so far.
One of the objects in teaching Smith-Hughes agriculture is to make it as practical as possible. the boys will be taught by actually doing the work. (Mr. Klopfleisch is teaching this) As soon as the new building is finished farm shop will also be offered. Wood work, belt work, knots, splices, soldering, cement work, and the care and repair of farm machinery will be studied in this course.

Oct 12, 1928
Almont Consolidated Schools Activities.

The pupils having perfect attendance for four weeks are: Gordon ‘Anderson, Warren Becklund, Curtis Falgren, James Harris, Edith Halvorson, Erwin Halvorson, Marion Kelsven, Carol Knutson, Floyd Kunkel, Helen Kunkel, Beatrice Seim, Ruth Seim, Evelyn Timpe.

Star spellers for the week in 2nd and 3rd grades are: Evelyn Timpe, Clifford Bergstrom, Florence Stiller, Ruth Seim, Warren Becklund, Helen Kunkel.

High School notes:
Friday during the fourth period in the afternoon, the high school classes practiced their school yells. Arthur Harris was the leader. He surely knew how to lead the pupils.. Mr. Klopfleisch made the suggestion that as the Almont High School has no school song the high school classes should find a melody that they like, and the the English classes should compose the song.

L. G. Klopfleisch, Lois Williams and Mrs I. R. Hill went to Mandan Monday evening to assist a group of Sims people in concert from station KGCU. This same group plans to broadcast another program from the same station within the next three weeks.

Nov 30, 1928
Almont News:
Those receiving 100 in spelling last week are: Blanche Bateman, Eileen Becklund, Theresa Erhardt, Naomi Harris, Ida Olson, Lillian Pederson, Dorothy Lotspiech.

Star spellers for this week are Robert Atkinson, Berethe Bergstrom, Eileen Becklund, Blanche Bateman, Naomi Harris, Kathleen Kelsven, Eleanor and Lillian Pederson, and Olive Timpe.

The following pupils received 100 in their History test: Robert Atkinson, Eileen Becklund, Blanche Bateman, Theresa Erhardt, Naomi Harris, Kathleen Kelsven, Eleanor and Lillian Pederson, Clifford Anderson and Lester Olson each received 99 percent.

The Sixth Grade had a test in Arithmetic Friday. Those receiving 100 were: Robert Atkinson, Eileen Becklund, Blanche Bateman, Naomi Harris, and Lillian Pederson.

News from the grammar grades: Those who received 100 in spelling every day this week are; Ruth Bergstrom, Bernice Ims, Wallace Timpe, Christ Olson, Orval Olin, Everett Miller, Lu Ella Lotspiech, Yvonne Templeton and Carl Hoeger.

December 7, 1928
Almont Consolidated Schools Activities--Intermediate Room News Items:

Those receiving 100 in spelling are: Clifford Anderson, Blanche Bateman, Eileen Becklund, Theresa Erhardt, Kathleen Kelsven, Ida Olson, Eleanor and Lillian Pederson.

The attendance was not very good in our room last week. Those absent because of illness were Dorothy Lotspiech, Berethe Bergstrom, Gordon Templeton, Robert Atkinson, Lester Olson and Ida Olson.

Those who received 100 in spelling for the month of November were: Blanche Bateman, Eileen Becklund Kathleen Kelsven, Lillian Pederson.

Under high school news it was noted that the English III class has been studying argumentation. Next week they will have a series of debates. The question they have chosen is, Resolved: That a protective tariff is more beneficial to the American people than free trade. On Tuesday Arthur Harris, Lois Williams and Henry Nyquist versus Dorothy Templeton, Harold Harris and Lillian Knutson.

March 1 1929 The Members of the Almont high school basketball team left Thursday morning for Carson where they will take part in the basketball tournament held at that place. Prof. L. G. Klopfleisch accompanied the boys. They are making the trip in the good old fashioned way--in a sleigh--jingle bells and all.

May 10, 1029
The stock judging team of the Almont high school, consisting of Harold Harris, Howard Knutson and James Stoeckel, left by car Wednesday for Fargo. They were accompanied by Miss Dorothy Templeton and Ruth Pederson who will represent our school in Literary events, and by L. G. Klopfleisch, Smith-Hughes instructor, who has coached the boys in judging stock,

May 17, 1929
Almont Consolidated Schools Activities
The judging team from the Almont high school left for Fargo by car Wednesday, May 8, when they judged dairy cows, beef animals, horses, sheep, hogs, grain and poultry. The team consisted of Harold Harris, James Stoeckel and Howard Knutson, and Mr. Klopfleisch, coach.

Class 29

Sept 13, 1929
School News
Grammar Grades
Those enrolled in eighth grade are: Edward Atkinson, Madeline Anderson, Emma Johnson, Luella Lotspiech, Everett Miller, Tom Olson, Christ Olson, Orval Olin, Wallace Timpe and Yvonne Templeton.
Those enrolled in the seventh grade are: Blanche Bateman, Eileen Becklund, Naomi Harris, Vernon Knutson, Kathleen Kelsven, Lester Olson, Ida Olson and Lillian Pederson.
Those enrolled in the Intermediate grades: Clifford Anderson, Gordon Anderson, Robert Atkinson Berethe Bergstrom, Clifford Bergstrom, Warren Becklund, Matilda Erhart, Theresa Erhart, John Hoeger, Ruth Hoeger, Phyllis Hyde, Dorothy Lotspiech, Eleanor Pederson, Florence Pfaff, Laura Reetz, Ruth Seim, Florence Stiler, Genevieve Stoeckel, Gordon Templeton and Olive Timpe.
Those enrolled in the Bluebird class are: Wayne Becklund, Doris Christensen, Agnes Erhart, Fred Hoeger, Enita Sharfford, Duane Hyde. The bluebirds made pretty kites.

May 12, 1933
Almont News
The following Boy Scouts with their scout master F. L. Atkinson attended the jamboree at Glen Ullin Thursday May 4th and participated in the event; Edwin Filibeck, Robert Atkinson, Maurice Jacobson, Harlan Anderson, Harley Duncan, Steve Wiebke, Vernon Knutson, Gordon Templeton, Clifford Bergstrom, Warren Becklund, Donald Olson, Adolph Ramsland and their leader Harold Knutson. The later four received their tenderfoot badges. The only first class badge given was awarded to Robert Atkinson of our local group. Gordon Templeton and Warren Becklund were given first place for efficiency of fire building; Robert Atkinson took second place in semaphore signaling.

C. E. Kelsven, E. E. Templeton and Myron Knutson accompanied the scouts to the annual gathering and report a very enjoyable time and speak highly of the splendid and enjoyable scout organization. The event proved to be a record breaker in the fact that every enrolled scout in the district was present.

July 7, 1933
Almont News
The 8th Grade graduates from here autoed to Mandan Saturday where they took part in the Morton County graduation exercises. Those going from here were Dorothy Lotspiech, Olive Timpe, Laura Reetze, Florence Stiler, Gordon Templeton, Gordon Anderson, Warren Becklund and Adolph Ramsland.

Dec 1, 1933
New Salem Journal News Boy Scouts Court of Honor Awards
Those listed from Almont: Second Class Warren Becklund
Merit Badges: Maurice Jacobson, safety; Vernon Knutson, poultry keeping, woodwork, agriculture, first aid, aid to animals and bird study; Robert Atkinson, first aid to animals; Warren Becklund, Farm layout and building arrangements.

Dec 29, 1933
The Wild Rose Patrol of the Girl Scouts met at the home of Mrs N.E. Becklund for the purpose of passing the tenderfoot test. The members of this patrol are Lillian Pederson, Berethe Bergstrom, Eileen Becklund, Eleanor Pederson, Carol Knutson, Mildred Pederson and Dorothy Lotspiech. A tastee lunch was served by the hostess.

Feb. 16, 1934
The Boy Scouts of the Christianson district held a court of honor in the high school auditorium here Monday evening. The following program was rendered:
“American Youth March”--String Quintet, Almont
“Victorious Legions March”--String Quintet, Almont
Address of Welcome--Mr. E. W. Hyde, Almont
Response to Welcome--Dr. O. T Benson, Glen Ullin
Formal opening of Court of Honor--Mr. Tshida, Glen Ullin
Second Class Awards--Mr. F. L. Atkinson Almont
First class Awards--Mr John C. Fischer, Glen Ullin
Merit Badges--Mr I. Helmer, Taylor
Star Awards--Mr. George Gaebe, New Salem
Life Awards--Dr. J. M. Nelson, Hebron
Eagle Awards--Mr. M. Tshida, Glen Ullin
President Roosevelt Awards--Bismarck Scouts.
Piano Solo--Clifford Bergstrom, Almont
Selections--Male Quartette, Almont
Speech--Judge Christianson, Bismarck
“Our National Honor”--String Quartette, Almont
Clifford Bergstrom received his second class award and Warren Becklund and Vernon Knutson received merit badges.

March 23, 1934
The Almont School Orchestra as well as the Almont Girls Glee Club will appear on the musical program to be given at the Almont school Thursday evening march 29. the orchestra members are Naomi Harris, Luella Lotspiech, Wallace Timpe, Steven Wiebke, Olive Timpe, Lillian Pederson, Lillian Willman, Eleanor Pederson, Clifford Giese, Curtis Fallgren, Marion Kelsven, Phyllis Hyde, Kathleen Kelsven, Yvonne Templeton, Gordon Templeton, Robert Atkinson and Louise Bahr. Members of the Girls’ Glee club are Alice Barstad, Ida Olson, Olive Timpe, Lillian Olson, Lillian Pederson, Laura Reetz, Elenore Pederson, Luella Lotspeich, Nellie Seim, Kathleen Kelsven, Berethe Bergstrom, Yvonne Templeton, Mabel Christianson, Evangline Olson, Adeline Olson, Florence Stiler, Emma Johnson, Evelyn Harris, Yvonne Olson, Alice Sellars, Charlotte Feland, Lillian Willman, Dorothy Lotspiech, Eileen Becklund and Naomi Harris.

April 26, 1935
Juniors, Seniors of Almont to present “The Tin Hero”
Without fear of contradiction, we believe the most popular form of amusement today is comedy. People want to laugh. The newspapers are filled with tragedy, world problems and other serious problems. That is why the Juniors and Seniors here have decided to present, “The Tin Hero”. It will be presented in the high school auditorium on Friday evening May 3ed.
The principal comedy role, that of Douglas Goodyear, a timid and shy young man who has been forced into unwarranted and unwanted prominence, has been assigned to Robert Atkinson. The ridiculous situations into which he is forced will give the audience a laugh a minute. One of the funniest scenes occurs in Act II when Douglas is found trying to learn to swim through a correspondence course.
The other members of the cast are: Mrs Blanche Goodyear, Douglas’ mother, Alice Barstad; Grace Goodyear, his sister, Naomi Harris; Virginia Ferguson, his fiancee, Eileen Becklund; Baxter Warner, the president of “The Hero’s Club” Steven Wiebke; Mrs Baxter Warner, Lillian Pederson; “Bunny” Wheeler, engaged to Grace, Vernon Knutson; Annette Cloverdale, the only female member of “The Hero’s Club” Kathleen Kelsven; Adelaide Young a fiend of Grace;s, Eleanor Pederson; Victoria Esmond, a newspaper woman, Ida Olson; Mile, Claudette Bordomi, a young French woman, Nellie Seim; “Spike” Ryder a champion swimmer, Clifford Anderson.

May 3, 1935
Almont News
Seventeen Girl Scouts Honored. Seventeen Girl Scouts received awards at the court of awards in Glen Ullen. Second class badges were received by Lillian Pederson, Kathleen Kelsven, Olive Timpe, Eleanor Pederson, Mildred Pederson, Marion Kelsven, Phyllis Hyde, Anna Wiebke, Eileen Becklund, Carol Knudson, Matilda Erhardt, Teresa Erhardt and Evelyn Timpe.

Eileen Becklund received a special badge as troop scribe having served one year.

Committee women present were Mrs G. H. Anderson, Mrs C. E. Kelsven, Mrs. C. Halvorson and Mrs. N.E. Becklund.

Others present were Mr. and Mrs J. J. Erhardt, Steven Wiebke, Warren Becklund and Ethel Stoekel.

June 7, 1935
Commencement exercises were held at the high school auditorium here Thursday evening at 8:00 PM. The class roll consisted of Alice Barstad, Gordon Bakken, Eileen Becklund, Naomi Harris, Kathleen Kelsven, Vernon Knutson, Ida Olson, Lillian Pederson and Nellie Seim. Their Motto: Not sunset but Dawn. Class Flower: American Beauty Rose. Colors: Royal Blue and Silver.

Oct 18, 1935
Almont News
The high school here gave an initiation party on Friday evening in honor of the freshmen. The initiation began in the morning and lasted all day. The boys were obliged to wear green ribbons and the girls green ties. A census was also taken of the cats, the first on in the history of our little town.

The evening was spent in playing games after which a tasty lunch was served.

Sept 9, 1937
College students Honored. On Monday evening a group of about 20 young people bid the to be college students a kind farewell with a handkerchief shower at Lovers Cliff. Among the honored guests was Eileen Becklund who plans to enter the school of nursing at the Univ of Minnesota, Eleanor Pederson who will be a freshman at Concordia College at Morehead Minnesota, Gordon Templeton who is entering the AC at Fargo, Olive Timpe who is enrolling in the State Teachers College at Dickinson and Lillian Pederson who plans to enroll as a second year student at the State School of Science at Whapeton. Clifford Giese was also to be included in the honored program had already left for Jamestown where he will attend Jamestown College.
After a delicious lunch was served the time was spent playing games and visiting. Around the dying embers of the camp fire the old gang expressed themselves in song. Much success and happiness were wished to the college students.

Nov 30, 1938
Tuesday evening the Hebron High School basketball teams came to Almont for a game with the local teams. A preliminary was played between the second teams and ended with the score tied 12-12. The game between the first teams ended with the final score 35-15 in favor of Hebron. The line up for the Almont team is as follows: Marvin Timpe, Edward Wilman, Burton Nelson, Gordon Anderson, Everett Olson, Duane Hyde, Fred Hoeger and Wayne Becklund. High point man for the local team was Edward Wilman and Marvin Timpe.

Dec 7, 1938
The Junior Class Play ‘Treasure Chest” was very well attended Saturday evening. The participants and well as the production staff are to be congratulated on the fine performances. The play was directed by Miss Romsberg, stage managers were Ruth Seim and Ardella Reetz, costumes mistress Ella Smordahl, business manager Helen Hoeger and lighting in charge of Wayne Becklund.

Later New Salem Journals have much the same news over the years following 1940.

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