Gone are the days

by Sig Peterson

'Gone Are The Days' is a book about 'Facts and Hearsay' of Sims-Almont community published by Sig and Marge Peterson in 1993.  It is available here by the gracious generosity of Marge Peterson.  Its a wonderful book and I hope you all enjoy it.

 1.  Title Pages, Index and Introduction

 2.  Railroads

 3.  Sims, Coal Mining and Brick Manufacturing

 4.  Indian Scare, Homesteading and Almont

 5.  Farming and Ranching

 6.  Churches and Schools

 7.  Automobiles, Weather Extremes and Fires

 8.  Postal Service, Roads and Trails, Country Doctor and Home Remedies, The Village Blacksmith, The Old Milk Cow and Sims Houses.

 9.  The Country Store, Telephones, "How Dry I Am", Charivarees, Halloween, Shave and a Haircut - Six Bits!, and Odds and Ends.

10.  Entertainment, Music, The Dirty Thirties and The New Deal and War and Patriotism

11.  Dr. Leon Jacobsen and Historical Data

12.  Notes of Yesteryear, Part 1

13.  Notes of Yesteryear, Part 2

14.  Notes of Yesteryear, Part 3

15  This Is It and Family Photos