Almont North Dakota
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Many people helped in the forming of these pages for which I am grateful.  This project started out to be only three or four pages but it seemed like each day new ideas were brought to light and now it includes almost 1800 pages including the photos. 

First and foremost I would like to thank my wife, Sarah, who permitted me to take the time necessary to complete this project and never once complained. 

I appreciate very much the New Salem Journal who many times published the web site address and never charged for it. 

I thank Eunice Klingensmith Evans  (Mr. Hyde's granddaughter)  who gave me many suggestions, supplied me with much information and proof read several pages for me.  There are still many mistakes but only on pages she did not proof read and are all my responsibility. 

I appreciate many of you who supplied me with information.  You are each listed as a source of the information in the various sections so I will not list everyone.

A special thanks goes to Dawn Olson the Chairperson of the Centennial Committee who kept me well informed of the events and planning for the Fourth of July Centennial Celebration and to Joel Johnson and Margie Peterson who did the same for the other events of the year.

Ernie Feland, photographer par excellence, was extremely generous in donating his photos for which I am grateful.  Several others have also donated photos, including my brother Wayne's grandson, Scott Becklund, who visited Almont for the first time over the 4th of July and took many photos.

I would like to thank the many hundreds of you who have visited the web site and given me encouragement along the way.  There were somewhere between 250 and 300 different computers visiting the web site each month from March to September.  We have had more than 20,000 hits!

I am giving all the information on the web site to the Almont Historical Society to sell to the public.   Absolutely all of the proceeds will go to the Historical Society.  The CD with this information will run on any computer using Windows XP or MacIntosh System 10.4 or later.  You need not connect to the internet to view the contents.

You may purchase a CD of this web site from the Historical Society for $20.00 at the Historical Society Museum or by mail for an additional $5.00 for handling charges.  This CD and the Video-DVD are the only other permanent records of the Centennial Year.  You may contact them at Almont Historical Society, Almont, ND 59520.