Sims  Almont

Sims, ND

  Sims originated in 1880 at a Northern Pacific Railroad siding, was used for water and coal and called Bly's Mine. The town was surveyed in 1883 by the NPRR and renamed Sims.   

  The only buildings that remain standing are the Sims Scandinavian Lutheran Church and the parsonage. The Sims congregation  has been active since it was organized in 1882.  The parsonage was restored by the membership in the 1990's with with a grant from Preservation America.


Almont, ND

  Almont was founded on July 4th 1906 by Mr. E. W. Hyde.   That day he got tired of trying to buy a lot on the railroad for a Lumber Yard in Sims and he moved the railroad cars loaded with lumber down the Northern Pacific Railroad track  to the next siding and started a new town.  On that day all that there was at the Almont siding was a phone booth.

 The two towns became so closely intertwined in their educational and social fabric they truly became one community and remain so today.

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